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Dongguan city industry Hardware Technology Co. Ltd. was founded in June 2006, is located in the beautiful scenery and the economically developed Pearl River Delta (Xiegang) company after 11 years of hard work and development, by CNC processing before the single has become high precision electronic parts processing enterprises owned the most complete production scale, the strongest. In order to achieve leapfrog development, the company upgraded to Dongguan Chang Industry Hardware Technology Co., Ltd. in April 2017, the registered capital of 8 million, now has independent product development, mold design, manufacturing, product processing capacity and a number of high-quality, high skilled production management and staff. The company through the ISO9001 certification at the same time have advanced equipment, complete set. We have hundreds of brother brothers and CNC processing center, dozens of Taiwan CNC machining center, specializing in the production of various specifications of domestic copper / aluminum radiator, precision cavity, all kinds of communication equipment, metal stamping parts, aluminum panel, aluminum shell, aluminum products, all kinds of mobile phone accessories, watch shell shell, computer shell, all kinds of aluminum products magnesium alloy products and a variety of precision parts processing. The company's main processes are: cutting. Metal stamping processing. Mold manufacturing,.CNC processing. Grinding. Oxidation treatment. Baking paint,.CNC engraving. Printing. Assembly and other aluminum surface processing. With advanced production technology and excellent manufacturing process for the domestic and foreign markets to provide all kinds of high-quality products, to meet customer needs.

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The advantages of the plug-in radiator compared with the traditional cast iron radiator
The advantages of the plug-in radiator compared with the traditional cast iron radiator
With the continuous development of industry, the use of the plug-in radiator is more and more widespread, which has contributed greatly to the development of the plug-in radiator.
Analysis and development of heat pipe radiator
Heat pipe radiator and aluminum (copper) solid radiator and water-cooled radiator, compared to the following advantages:
Understand the four mobile phone shell industry chain
In recent years, the rapid development of the domestic mobile phone, but in the context of the mobile Internet, intelligent mobile phone homogenization phenomenon is becoming increasingly serious
How to replace the strap on the apple watch Apple Watch?
Apple's Apple Watch watch has a variety of strap, and support free replacement. People usually use the most, may be the type of sport strap, of course, there are leather strap, or with steel bands and so on. It's very convenient to replace the watch band with the apple watch. Here is a brief introduction.
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